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Matt Haddon Garden Design - About Us

The landscape and garden design practice established by award-winning garden designer Matt Haddon.

Matt Haddon

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Matt Haddon is an experienced, award-winning landscape and garden designer and a full member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture. He writes regularly on design for the Garden Design Journal as well as on wider horticultural matters, for example for the RHS's The Garden magazine.

“I am a keen plantsman, with a particular love of trees. Alongside such practicalities, though, I bring an eclectic range of experience to my design practice - I have a MA in Medieval Studies (having specialised in Anglo-Saxon and Viking art). I wielded a chainsaw as a tree surgeon for a period in my twenties. I have a lifelong interest in ecology and ornithology and I worked as a manager with a blue-chip insurance company for over ten years.

“Today my time is spent immersed in gardens - designing them, writing about them, visiting them and, when I get a moment, enjoying them (usually with my eyes shut, listening to the bees buzzing and to birdsong)."

You can read Matt’s personal blog here

Our Design Approach


Planting is the keystone for the success of any garden or outside space. Our approach delivers year round interest and agreed levels of maintenance, in formal/architectural, English country garden or naturalistic planting styles.

We also seek, wherever possible, to maximise observed ecological benefits to wildlife. We do this by incorporating structurally diverse planted areas and ecotone habitats (the zones between habitat types, for example where wooded areas meet herbaceous plants or lawn) within your garden design.


Our overall garden design philosophy is strongly influenced by classic landscape design, both the English landscape gardening traditions and those found in the Orient, but is of a distinctly modern aesthetic.

This approach allows us to create places for quiet contemplation and that have their elegant simplicity underlined by careful specification of planting, materials and detailing.


Much of our work is within larger gardens, often in rural or semi-rural settings. Often our clients will want to maximise their use of space, opening up or reinvigorating previously neglected areas. Usually there is a demanding budget to meet too.

Our planting and garden designs deliver a wow factor, creating spaces that sit comfortably within their natural surroundings, and which balance open areas with feelings of intimacy.


Many of the garden design projects we undertake need to sit alongside listed buildings or within conservation areas. For this reason we avoid any preconceived ideas of how your garden should look. Instead, we adopt a sympathetic approach, delivering coherent and complementary garden designs that meet your needs and satisfy planning requirements.