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Frequently Asked Questions

Your garden design questions answered.

Matt Haddon

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Why use a garden designer?

Using a professional garden designer brings peace of mind, the benefit of their experience and, most importantly, a garden you can be proud of...


How much does getting your garden designed cost?

Every garden – and every garden design project – is different, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ table of prices. There are, however, some common factors to bear in mind.


What should I budget for my new garden?

The rules of thumb I use when looking at initial costings, and the general budget boundaries for simple planting projects to large landscaping work.


Preparing to meet a professional designer

Some key questions to think about which will make the initial meeting with your professional garden designer as productive as possible...


What types of gardens do you design?

We design all types of gardens - from country estates to small urban courtyards, and everything in between, creating both contemporary and more traditional designs, including both formal gardens and wild gardens.

Can you visit our garden to give us a few ideas?

Yes. We can offer a consultation or advice service where we will visit your garden to discuss your site and provide you with ideas and inspiration. We charge for this service at an hourly rate. Alternatively you may prefer to consider our design-in-a-day service.

How long will it take for you to design my garden?

This is almost impossible to answer as it depends so much on the scale of your garden and the complexity of your requirements. Our design process can be found on our Design page.

As a quick guide, once we begin designing your garden, the initial concept design should be completed in 2 - 4 weeks. Subsequent stages may then take another 4-6 weeks to complete (once you confirm that you are happy to proceed). Once all of the design work is completed we can then work with you to get a quotation for the landscaping works (however if Planning Permission is required this will take substantially longer subject to local council lead times.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover all of Yorkshire and the North of England. We are also happy work nationally. Please do not hesitate to call us for an initial chat so we can understand your requirements, and how this will work with where your garden is located.

How often will you visit my garden?

We will visit your garden several times over the course of the design process. This includes our initial meeting as well as visiting to undertake a Site Analysis, alongside any other visits needed to produce the best design possible for your garden. We also monitor the garden when landscaping works are underway to ensure the garden is built to the same specification as the design.

Will you produce 3D models of our garden?

We will produce a 3D visualisation of your garden design to allow you to get a clearer understanding of the intended design. However where complex photorealistic models are required, this is charged for as an additional service.

If we are having building or renovation works undertaken, when is the best time to speak to you about transforming our garden?

As soon as you start thinking about the building works is best. This will not only help to make sure that your garden can be built once the building work is completed but we can also ensure that what you want in your garden is considered by your architect - from complimentary materials being specified to ensuring that the new damp proof course allows for a seamless transition from house to garden, for example.

Are you able to deal with Planning Applications if these are required?

Yes we can. We will deal with any planning applications for gardens which we have designed - from applications for works within the curtilage of Listed Buildings to works within Conservation Areas.

Can you build our garden once it has been designed?

Yes. We can oversee the entire design and build process through from start to finish making the process simple and efficient. We sub-contract the build work to our approved landscape specialists, but manage the entire process so that you only deal with matt haddon gardens.