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Garden & Landscape Planting Design

"The element that elevates any garden above the mediocre is the planting." Matt Haddon

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Whether delineating different areas, altering the overall feeling or simply creating a more pleasant space, planting offers a low cost, high impact way to reinvigorate your garden.

We work with our clients to develop planting schemes for their outdoor spaces that:

We will work with you from initial concept to the production of detailed planting plans, choosing the right plants for your garden. We can then source all of the required plants and plant them up, leaving you free to enjoy your garden as it transforms.

Our understanding of how plants will grow and develop over time is combined with a creative flair to produce multi-layered planting schemes that are both manageable and aesthetically beautiful, designing site-specific planting combinations that make each garden unique.

Where requested we will make annual return visits to your garden to ensure the planting scheme is developing as was envisaged and provide guidance as to how it can be maintained to retain its intended character whilst being allowed to mature naturally.

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