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How to plan your Harrogate garden design project.

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Questions to help your designer develop a garden you will love.

Before you talk to a professional about your garden design project, it would be helpful to consider the following questions. They could help determine the right garden designer for your Harrogate garden, and make for both a better first meeting and finished result.

What do I need to consider before talking to a garden designer about my Harrogate garden for the first time?
Thinking about how you will use your garden, and about the materials and plants we might use to create it, can help ensure the finished result has the right look, feel and function for you.

In particular, consider these points:

Do I need to provide images of plants/features/gardens I like?
You do not have to provide us with anything, but if you have collected any magazine or internet images you like, they will certainly help us better understand the results you would like to achieve.

Why do you need to know my budget?
Every Harrogate garden design project we undertake is guided by a number of factors. Your wishes and your garden’s potential are two of those factors. Your budget is another.

Knowing your budget ensures we can design to it. Our ‘design in a day service’ is ideal for smaller budgets, ensuring you get the most from the money you have by, for example, focusing on planting over building.

For larger budgets, a full garden design creates a blueprint for your garden transformation that enables your garden to develop in the most sensible, cost effective way. For more, please see our garden design services in Harrogate.

How long will my Harrogate garden design take?
Once we know the scale and scope of your project we will give you an indication of the timescales involved in completing it. Please bear in mind, however, that a considered design takes time to create and building progress can be affected by adverse weather.

I have very little time to maintain my garden. Is that a problem?
Not at all. We design Harrogate gardens for keen gardeners who love to indulge their passion every day. Just as frequently, we also create garden designs that keep maintenance to a minimum for busy households.

There may be no such thing as a ‘no maintenance’ garden, but we always tailor your garden design to the amount of time you have to look after it.

How will I look after my finished garden?
We will give you as much or as little help as you wish, so if you feel you need a full maintenance schedule for all your plants, we will provide it.

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