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The key questions that can help your designer develop a garden you love.

Planning to speak to a Yorkshire garden designer about your project? Answering a few simple questions before you meet could help you find the right designer for you, and make the initial meeting as productive as possible.

What do I need to consider before I talk to my Yorkshire garden designer for the first time?
Your finished garden design has to be a space that looks, feels and functions exactly as you need it. That is why it is important to spend some time thinking about how you will use your garden.

In particular, consider the following:

Would images of plants/features/gardens I like be helpful?
Yes. Although you do not have to provide us with anything, any magazine or internet images that you like will give us a better of understanding of what you are hoping to achieve.

Why do you need to know my budget?
Knowing your budget is crucial in enabling your Yorkshire garden designer to understand what it will be possible to include within your design.

For lower budgets, our ‘design in a day service’ will help you get the most from the money you have, perhaps favouring plants over built elements. For larger budgets, a full garden design will act as the blueprint to developing your garden in the most sensible, cost effective way. For more, please see our garden design services in Yorkshire.

How long will my Yorkshire garden design take?
We will give you an indication of timescales, but it is important to bear in mind that a considered design is not something that can be created in just a few hours. Also, when it comes to building your garden, landscapers are always at the mercy of the weather.

Will I need to spend lots of time looking after my garden?
Only if you want to. There may be no such thing as a ‘no maintenance’ garden, but we frequently develop low maintenance garden designs, tailored to the amount of time you have to look after it.

How will I look after my finished garden?
Experienced gardeners may want nothing more than to be left alone to tend their garden. Alternatively, you may feel you need a full maintenance schedule for all your plants. We will provide as much help and advice as you need.

Talk about your Yorkshire garden design with Matt Haddon on 07595 421910, or make an enquiry using the form above.

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