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You don’t have to be a keen gardener to use a garden designer. In fact, one of the things we are asked most frequently is to develop low maintenance garden designs - creating a garden you can fall in love with without needing to spend hours tending to it.

Whatever your idea of the perfect garden, we design it in collaboration with you. We take into account your site’s opportunities and limitations. We anticipate any issues that may occur and suggest ways of overcoming them. We explore and develop ideas with you, because at the end of the process this has to feel like your garden.

Our strengths – in fact the elements of garden design we enjoy most – are turning possibilities into plans and plans into reality; and also planning for the development of plants over time as they change and grow across seasons and years.

Our main garden design services are:

Garden & Landscape Design

Turn the garden you have into the garden you’ll love: Starting from an accurate site survey, we develop the design for your garden, producing all the plans you’ll need to build. We’ll help find the right person to build your garden too, then we’ll inspect works on site, and take care of planting. More information >

Design In A Day

Plan an inspirational garden in a single day: One simple fixed fee. One day of designing and planning your ideal garden. We’ll spend the day in your home and garden creating a sketch plan that ensures your garden design project has expert help when it needs it most – at the start of the transformation. More information >

Planting Design

Soft landscaping with impact: Not every project we undertake means starting from scratch. We can provide planting designs to renew existing borders as well as plans for brand new perennial and shrub beds, meadows, orchards or woodlands. More information >

Garden Styling

Give your garden a touch of style: Talk to our garden designers about accentuating key elements of your garden, re-working existing features, or sourcing that one piece of garden furniture that could make the perfect finishing touch.

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